How Might We Create Impact Together?

We like to begin our partnerships with a big question and a good conversation.

Say Hello

We’ll build a custom open innovation program around your goals.

We believe every partnership should be as unique as the issues we seek to address. As IDEO’s open innovation practice, we leverage design, technology, and a wide global network to help build a program aligned with your specific objectives.

Together, we’ll define an effective path to impact, which may include:

With the GHR Foundation, we're building three Challenges to surface thousands of innovators at the intersection of peace-building, prosperity, and environmental issues.


Ideas for Good

Our online Challenges surface and advance innovative ideas, opportunities, and people worldwide. Together, we design real solutions for a big problem.

OpenIDEO Challenges are custom-developed around your goals, and include a fully staffed team to manage the process and community.


Collaborations with Intention

We support and grow communities online and around the globe. When people come together to share diverse skills and perspectives, we can accelerate the journey to impact.

We build communities with intention around a custom technology platform that bring together key stakeholders, build partnerships, and advance innovation around an issue of your choosing.

Working with the Rockefeller Foundation, we launched the Food Waste Alliance to make connections that helped 150+ food waste entrepreneurs scale their impact.

In partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, we launched a series of 90+ innovation events worldwide, sparking regional solutions for a global plastics problem.


Connections in Action

Often tied to Challenges, we host and develop impact-driven events internationally, enabling otherwise unlikely human connections that spark ideas and action.

The OpenIDEO Chapters Network regularly convenes innovators in cities worldwide who can be activated around your impact-driven initiatives.

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The OpenIDEO Approach

We’re different by design. Here are a few ways our approach stands out.

IDEO Design Methodology

If you want to accelerate impact, see what thousands worldwide can do with the power of human-centered design.

Dedicated Management Team

You’re not in this alone—our team manages community building, idea development, marketing and more.

Interactive Technology Platform

We leverage our technology to meet your needs, and can customize the experience to drive key interactions.

Global Innovation Network

We facilitate connections and collaboration around the globe, igniting action around the issues that interest you most.

Meet Our Sponsors

We work with public and private sector partners committed to social impact, including the following world-class organizations: